Press Kit

Press Kit


Dr. Shannon Curry, PsyD, MSCP, is a published clinical psychologist of over 10 years tenure, licensed in both Hawaii and California. She owns the Curry Psychology Group, a leading multi-specialty counseling center in Orange County, CA, serves on a UC advisory board, and is an expert in a broad swath of mental health issues from trauma to relationships to military and forensic applications. Her passion for these issues, combined with her natural eloquence and flair for presentation, make her an ideal expert source.

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Love & Relationships

  • Marriage/Relationships
  • Dating
  • Sex
  • Affairs & Infidelity
  • Divorce and Breakups
  • Toxic Relationships

Trauma & PTSD

  • Effects of child trauma
  • Effects of adult trauma
  • The neurological basis of PTSD
  • Military trauma
  • International trauma
  • Societal trauma after a tragic event or large-scale disaster

Destructive Social Processes: Group Think & Obedience

  • Cults and cult membership
  • Peer pressure
  • Bullying
  • Societal increases in hate/bigotry/racism
  • The role of Group Think in the Challenger space shuttle and Chernobyl nuclear disasters, and human rights’ scandals (Abu Ghraib)
  • How to raise your children to stand up for what’s right
  • How to recognize and resist group think processes


  • Why its important to let your child fail
  • Helping your child understand shooter drills in school
  • Recognizing when your child needs help for mental health symptoms
  • How to respond to your teen’s rebellious behavior
  • Helping your children cope with parental divorce

Good & Evil / Violence / Criminal Behavior

  • Why Good People Do Bad Things (and how not to be like them)
  • Analysis of current scandals in the media
  • Why people lie & cheat
  • The progression of criminal behavior
  • Assessing risk for violence
  • Characterological versus situational violence

Mental Illness

  • Stigma
  • Signs of mental illness
  • Prevalence
  • Symptom presentation
  • Effective treatments/recommendations
  • The role of mental illness in criminal/violent behavior

Animal Assisted Therapy

  • Psychological benefits of pet ownership and interaction with a dog
  • Emotional support animals- benefits and controversies
  • Differences between service animals, therapy dogs, and emotional support animals
  • Unique human-canine connection
  • Animal assisted therapy programming in schools, prisons, hospitals


  • Myths about the stages of grief
  • How grief changes a community
  • What to do when someone you know is grieving
  • When grief becomes a problem


  • The signs of suicidal planning might surprise you
  • Why a public suicide increases the risk of a plane crash
  • How to prevent suicide
  • Social media and the rise of teen suicide


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