Dr. Nicolle Bugescu, Ph.D.

Dr. Nicolle Bugescu, PhD

Dr. Nicolle Bugescu (“Dr. B”) is a Licensed Clinical Pediatric Psychologist who is dedicated to improving the lives of children and parents. Dr. Bugescu specializes in the assessment and treatment of multiple childhood diagnoses including Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities (e.g., dyslexia), and neurological issues such as concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. She is also an expert in child behavioral therapy, partnering with parents to implement effective, evidence based practices. Dr. Bugescu is able to help children overcome challenging childhood behaviors such as temper tantrums; toilet training issues; picky or restrictive eating; anxiety; school avoidance or refusal; fears and phobias; motor and verbal tics; habitual nail biting, hair pulling, skin-picking, or other repetitive behaviors; impulse-control issues/ADD & ADHD; and symptoms of Autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Bugescu earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University/PGSP through the conjoint PGSP- Stanford University clinical training program. She completed her internship in pediatric medical psychology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Ohio State University College of Medicine. Dr. Bugescu went on to complete a post-doctoral fellowship training program in pediatric psychology at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).

Through her advanced fellowship training, Dr. Bugescu obtained a specialization in pediatric medical psychology; providing services that improve the recovery, resilience, and well-being of children with medical issues. Dr. Bugescu works with children who have cancer, chronic pain, spinal cord or traumatic brain injury, headaches, migraines, epilepsy, and gastro-intestinal issues. She is an expert in the use of biofeedback to minimize stress and manage pain, and helps children effectively integrate these strategies into their everyday lives.

In addition to working with children, Dr. Bugescu supports new mothers with post partum depression. She is an empathic and soothing support to children and parents alike, and approaches therapy from a genuine and whole hearted commitment to client-centered care and the strength of the therapeutic relationship.

California License #PSY-29488