Military Psychology

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The Curry Psychology Group is committed to serving active duty service members, veterans, and their families. We are in-network providers with Tricare military insurance and accept all Tricare plans.

The majority of our providers have trained and worked within the Department of Defense (DOD). We are familiar with military organizational structure (e.g., rank, roles, language, contracts, enforcement, etc.), and because of our direct experiences, we can appreciate the uniqueness of military culture. We recognize the resources that it brings as well as the profound stressors that are inherent to military life.

Military service places significant demands on our service members as well as their families. Over the last twenty years, our military has been in a continuous cycle of combat deployment, and many service members spend half of their time-of-duty deployed. We at the Curry Psychology Group are continually awed by the sacrifice of military families who must accept the absence of a primary caregiver when he or she is deployed for periods lasting from six months to several years; or who must start over in a new state–  making new friends and enrolling the kids in new schools– every time the service member receives PCS orders.  Such significant changes to the family structure and routine can cause instability and heartache for all involved.

No matter how resilient these honorable families show themselves to be, the ongoing strain of deployment inevitably takes its toll. Service members are exposed to horrific events while in theatre, and the rates of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are at an all-time high. Without effective treatment, the unremitting symptoms of combat-related PTSD often lead service members to substance and alcohol abuse, and the rate of suicide for military personnel is currently estimated to be twice as high than civilians.

We know that for many service members struggling with PTSD, it can feel as though nothing will help. We urge you to please call us today. Call us in confidence. We CAN help. For military families, we urge you to reach out and to know that you are not alone.

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