Developmental Delays

Watching your child experience developmental delays can make parents feel like they’re flying blind. Some delays are cognitive, as when a child lags in speaking his or her first words or has difficulty working with age-appropriate toys and puzzles. Other delays involve motor functioning, like difficulties rolling or crawling in babies, delays in walking for toddlers, and apparent clumsiness when walking up and downstairs. There are also social, emotional, and behavioral delays, like trouble with self-regulation, difficulty responding appropriately to social cues, and challenges with two-way communication. Whatever challenge your child is facing, we recognize that there is no magical conveyor belt that churns out developmentally perfect children—there are only guidelines. If your child deviates from the developmental norm, we can help. Our therapists use evidence-based interventions to help your child move toward his or her own best outcome. In addition to treating your child, we offer you the support and grounding you need to be the best parent possible.