Humanistic Therapy

The Curry Psychology Group practices from a foundation of humanistic therapy. This means that regardless of which additional evidence-based therapies we may utilize to most effectively meet our clients’ needs, our approach will always be based in genuineness and equal collaboration with our clients. We hold our clients in high positive regard and believe that we provide better therapy when we fully understand and empathize with our clients’ experience and world view.

Humanistic therapy is based on the fundamental belief that all human beings share an equal capacity for personal growth. Individuals who are stuck in unhealthy behavioral patterns are not believed to be deficient or problematic, but rather are viewed as having never experienced the interpersonal conditions necessary to safely explore wants and needs or to challenge oneself honestly.

In humanistic therapy, the therapeutic relationship is the primary therapeutic tool. The therapist must expressly convey three conditions, from which the client’s self-actualization will naturally occur. These conditions include: (1) genuineness (2) unconditional positive regard, and (3) empathy.

At the Curry Psychology Group, we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of the therapeutic relationship, and through our genuine caring and appreciation for our clients, we have the sacred privilege of witnessing them uncover their truest selves.