Child Behavioral Issues / Acting Out

Hitting. Kicking. Throwing. Tantrums, these are all forms of child behavioral issues. When a child is acting defiant or struggling to regulate their emotions, we understand the strain this causes for parents who don’t always know how to respond to child behavioral issues—not to mention the guilt parents feel when interactions with their child increasingly involve “consequences” and “discipline”. We’re glad to say we’ve helped hundreds of parents decode problem behaviors, helping repair the parent relationship and get kids back on track. Our therapists have an arsenal of assessment and treatment techniques to identify the underlying cause of your child’s acting out—including, if indicated, the full gamut of psychological testing—as well as evidence-based best practices to resolve the identified issues. Whether you’re struggling with a three-year-old or a teenager, we’ll help you understand what your child is going through and support you and your child, guiding them toward better behavior while also improving your relationship.