Attention Issues/ADD & ADHD

Challenges in focus and attention can arise at any time of life. In children, you may notice disorganization, forgetfulness, lack of focus, and a tendency to be distracted by minutiae like the sound of a passing car or an irrelevant image in a story. For those with hyperactivity, fidgeting, squirming, excessive talking, and compulsive running and climbing may also be present. As for adults who may have escaped childhood without diagnosis, the same challenges children face may also be present, in addition to feelings of hopelessness and depression over their seeming inability to get things done. The good news: there is hope. Our therapists can teach you the tools to help with self-regulation and focus, allowing you to attain never-before-seen levels of attention and accomplishment. We are also pleased to partner with psychiatrists who specialize in medication management, forming a treatment alliance to help you overcome your challenges in this area and beyond.