Existential Therapy

Personal responsibility. Freedom. Self-determination. These are the bedrocks of Existential Therapy, an approach that emphasizes the client’s capacity to make rational choices and achieve maximum potential. In this unique philosophical model, therapist and client are co-venturers on the journey to confront and transcend fundamental human anxieties like death, loneliness, and isolation.

The Existential method involves a range of approaches all centered on one goal: helping the client make good choices by confronting negative internal messages; focusing on the landscape within, not external forces like societal expectations and family pressures. Working with our therapists in this modality can help unleash the client’s creativity, capacity for love, and personal authenticity. The goal is to become the active force in your own life, following your internal star instead of allowing outside actors to determine your behavior.

If you find yourself struggling with how to make authentic, self-directed choices that hold meaning and truth for you, Existential Therapy might be the ideal approach. Our therapists will help you identify and understand your unique array of challenges and symptoms, directing your focus toward positive experiences like relationships, spirituality, self-actualization, love, and reverence.