Therapy for Celebrities & High-Profile Clientele

Dr. Shannon Curry’s expertise, experience, and discretion have made her a trusted psychologist for celebrities and high-profile individuals throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Dr. Curry knows that in addition to the many challenges life brings, celebrities face a unique set of difficulties. The careers of professional athletes, musicians, actors, and other public figures are exceptionally demanding, requiring intensive preparation, commitment, and continuously high levels of performance. In addition to these pressures, celebrities are subjected to relentless scrutiny, privacy violations, and threats to their safety. The dehumanizing nature of these experiences can be traumatic and deeply isolating.

Dr. Curry brings deep empathy, understanding, and genuineness to her therapy with celebrities, helping them to navigate the challenges of fame as well as strengthen and repair their relationships; heal from trauma; and manage issues with addiction, anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns.  She offers individual, couples, and family therapy and is available for in-home visits and travel with clients.

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