Treatment Areas

 Academic Performance

We’ve all faced academic issues at one point or another. Sometimes they’re the results of life stressors that make it difficult to focus. Other times we lack the time-management, organizational, and study skills to tackle what we need to accomplish. There may even be underlying difficulties with attention, self-regulation, and mood. Whatever academic challenges you or your child are facing, our therapists are skilled in identifying the root cause, partnering with you to craft a targeted and effective treatment plan to get you back on track.

Child Behavioral Issues / Acting Out

Hitting. Kicking. Throwing. Tantrums. When a child is acting defiant or struggling to regulate their emotions, we understand the strain this causes for parents who don’t always know how to respond—not to mention the guilt parents feel when interactions with their child increasingly involve “consequences” and “discipline”. We’re glad to say we’ve helped hundreds of parents decode problem behaviors, helping repair the parent-relationship and get kids back on track. Our therapists have an arsenal of assessment and treatment techniques to identify the underlying cause of your child’s acting out—including, if indicated, the full gamut of psychological testing—as well as evidence-based best practices to resolve the identified issues. Whether you’re struggling with a three-year-old or a teenager, we’ll help you understand what your child is going through and support you and your child, guiding them toward better behavior while also improving your relationship.



There’s a reason anxiety is often called crippling. With symptoms like restlessness, incessant worry, irritability, and insomnia, those with chronic or situational anxiety can find it impossible to face even the simplest tasks of day-to-day life. Our therapists know this. Armed with a full array of evidence-based best-practice treatments, we’ll help you address, confront, and overcome your anxiety, including making trusted psychiatric referrals where necessary. You’ve already taken the first step by identifying your anxiety and contemplating treatment. Partnering with our therapists is your second step toward peace of mind, knowing you’re in the very best hands. With all that’s going on in the world, the support you’ll find in our practice to be a place of support, stability, and hope.


Elite Athletic Performance

Being the best is what you do for a living. As an elite athlete, you already know that one of your biggest weapons is your mind. We have worked with the best in all arenas to help professional and semi-professional athletes reach peak performance. The goal for our athletes? Not just winning in the field or on the court but fostering the internal resiliency to come back from a loss, turn around momentum, and overcome hardship. With our help, you will truly be unstoppable.


Attention Issues/ADD & ADHD

Challenges in focus and attention can arise at any time of life. In children, you may notice disorganization, forgetfulness, lack of focus, and a tendency to be distracted by minutiae like the sound of a passing car or an irrelevant image in a story. For those with hyperactivity, fidgeting, squirming, excessive talking, and compulsive running and climbing may also be present. As for adults who may have escaped childhood without diagnosis, the same challenges children face may also be present, in addition to feelings of hopelessness and depression over their seeming inability to get things done. The good news: there is hope. Our therapists can teach you the tools to help with self-regulation and focus, allowing you to attain never-before-seen levels of attention and accomplishment. We are also pleased to partner with psychiatrists who specialize in medication management, forming a treatment alliance to help you overcome your challenges in this area and beyond.


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be something of a shapeshifter, manifesting in different ways and with varying degrees of intensity depending on the client. Some children show signs of autism in infancy, with reduced eye contact or failure to respond to their name. For others, symptoms don’t appear until later and can include resistance to cuddling, difficulties or abnormalities with language, lack of facial expression, repetitive actions, and social challenges. Confounding diagnosis still, some children with autism have lower intelligence and difficulty learning, whereas others are preternaturally gifted. Thankfully, our therapists are well-versed in the many incarnations of this neuro-atypical condition and are adept at identifying the challenges you or your child may be facing. We love to highlight the many strengths of our clients with ASD, and to approach the diagnosis through the framework that the client is different, not lacking. As such, we present our behavioral and social-skills tools as options, not necessary treatments, as they are intended to help make certain aspects of life in a neurotypical world easier for someone with ASD and should be utilized by choice, not by rote. Our aim is to help you or your child optimize your wellbeing and quality of life based on a foundation of empathy, understanding, and admiration.


Business Coaching

As both a psychologist and a seasoned business owner, Dr. Curry has the requisite acumen to coach you to business success. Dr. Curry has coached leaders in various industries, helping them sharpen decision-making, address mental roadblocks, nurture leadership development, and increase organizational efficiency. Her unique combination of personal experience and psychological expertise position Dr. Curry and her team to facilitate a coaching regimen that is both precise and comprehensive, with lasting results.


Chronic Illness & Complex Medical Conditions

Navigating chronic illness can feel like being in a tiny skiff on a roiling sea. The client and his or her family can experience a whole range of stressors including anticipatory grief, struggles with maintaining pre-illness identity, depression resulting from missing out on normal activities, and irritability from coping with persistent pain. It can be hard to find joy and fulfillment in circumstances like these—but, with the help and support of our skilled team, you can work toward healing psychologically, regardless of your ailment. In many cases, this psychological healing can create a positive feedback loop that actually improves the underlying physical condition. This is an empowering and life-changing experience, and one we are honored to facilitate.    


Creative Performance

Creative people need support. If you’re a professional or aspiring author, director, actor, or visual artist, we can help you clear the brambled path that leads to your deepest creative potential, unencumbered by anxiety and over-thinking. With the help of our therapists, our clients have written best-selling books, gotten life-changing parts, and painted their way to critical success. We’d be honored to work with you, too.


Dating & Love

The search for love, like the search for meaning, is a fundamental human odyssey. Unfortunately, many people approach this sacred quest with less thought than they would give to perusing a takeout menu. At Curry Psychology Group, our therapists have extensive training in matters of the heart. We want nothing more than to arm you with our considerable knowledge so you can approach relationships with precious clarity. Using powerful, proven techniques, we can help you identify what you’re really looking for in a relationship, predict the likelihood that a potential partner is a good fit, manage dating conundrums, and, most importantly, decide how you want to show up in your future relationships, so you’re set up for success in this profoundly important area of your life.



Depression is a debilitating condition, albeit highly treatable. If you’re experiencing low energy, feelings of hopelessness, changes in appetite, loss of interest in once-pleasing activities, and sleep disturbances, you may be experiencing depression. Irritability and forgetfulness can also indicate depression in milder cases and in populations where expressing sadness is less normalized, as in certain societal subsets (like the military) and, in the United States, with men. With an arsenal of evidence-based approaches, our therapists can help you emerge. In session, you will receive the support and learn the tools that can help you become an ally in your own healing. Taking the step of reaching out to schedule your first appointment is itself a powerful act of self-care. We’re ready to meet you there and walk with you every step of the way.


Developmental Delays

Watching your child experience developmental delays can make parents feel like they’re flying blind. Some delays are cognitive, as when a child lags in speaking his or her first words or has difficulty working with age-appropriate toys and puzzles. Other delays involve motor functioning, like difficulties rolling or crawling in babies, delays in walking for toddlers, and apparent clumsiness when walking up and down stairs. There are also social, emotional, and behavioral delays, like trouble with self-regulation, difficulty responding appropriately to social cues, and challenges with two-way communication. Whatever challenge your child is facing, we recognize that there is no magical conveyor belt that churns out developmentally-perfect children—there are only guidelines. If your child deviates from the developmental norm, we can help. Our therapists use evidence-based interventions to help your child move toward his or her own best outcome. In addition to treating your child, we offer you the support and grounding you need to be the best parent possible.



The end of a relationship can be harrowing, invoking feelings associated with trauma and death. The truth is, something has died: the entity of a relationship that was once your world. Unfortunately, those around you may not always have the best advice—or the bandwidth—to give you the support you need to not only overcome breakups but to move on in strength. This is where we come in. Our expert team can hold your hand and, after a time, empower you to soar again.


Grief & Loss

Our society is not exactly adept at grieving. We are expected to move on quickly, be “brave,” and resume living as if nothing even happened. But grief and loss cannot be solved; our loved ones cannot and should not be forgotten. The healing comes in processing your feelings, acknowledging your loss, and learning to live with it. Here, you are not expected to “get over” anything. You will be nurtured in understanding the parameters of your grief, the magnitude of your loss—and accepting yourself with gentle encouragement from one of our empathetic, experienced therapists.



We recognize the unique challenges that face our LGBTQUIPK+ clients, including higher rates of mental-health issues resulting from specific stressors affecting this community. Examples of issues with which LGBQUIPK+ clients seek support include gender dysphoria (where internal gender identity and expression diverge from birth gender), sexual identity issues (questioning, fearing, and exploring their sexual and romantic attractions), and depression and anxiety stemming from discrimination. We also recognize the power of intersectionality, and that clients with LGBTQUIPK+ issues are also members of other communities with challenges that can both aid and exacerbate progress. Our therapists are ready to meet you wherever you and your family are in this journey, offering guidance and support at every turn.


Life Coaching & Self-Improvement

If you’re looking to optimize your life but aren’t necessarily struggling with a particular problem, life coaching may be perfect for you. Studies show that working with a coach can help a person achieve more than they would have alone—which is why top athletes and professionals always work with a trainer or coach, no matter how advanced they are in their sport or craft. But you don’t have to be a top athlete or professional to benefit from coaching, and there is no topic too big or small to merit working with a coach. Instead of getting your advice from friends who might not always have the tools and resources to give optimal advice, consider working with one of our therapists. The results may be life-changing.


Life Transitions

Life has many miniature eras and shifting gears between them isn’t always seamless. Maybe you’re an empty nester struggling with feelings of purpose when your youngest left for college. You could be facing cohabitation with an aging parent who now needs care, or making the difficult decision to move that parent into an assisted-living facility. Perhaps you have a newly blended family, or you’ve welcomed an adoptive child into your life. Whatever transition you and your family are going through, you will benefit from support—and we are here for it.


Post-Partum Depression

After the birth of a child, mothers are expected to be bathed in golden light, sure of their first steps into motherhood, positively in love with their child. But if you or someone you love is suffering from post-partum depression, these expectations can feel like a millstone. Symptoms of post-partum depression include feeling empty, emotionless, or pervasively sad for longer than two weeks during or after pregnancy. If you or your loved one have been experiencing these symptoms, know that help—and hope—are more than possible: they are here waiting for you. Our therapists partner with new mothers to create a treatment regimen to mitigate and gently release depression, revealing the life you dreamed of when your child was created. You can and will get better. The first step is getting help.



Humans are pack animals. We are meant to live in intimate congress with each other, generations of family in the same dwelling or at least village, support and social outlets all around us to the point of irritation. All that has changed. Whereas we are biologically adapted to live in close proximity to each other, modern life has us increasingly isolated, cut off, severed from our family and friends. Acknowledging that this is a societal problem and an understandable one can be the first step. The next is finding tools and support to treat your loneliness with the compassion and empowerment you deserve. Our therapists can help.


Men’s Issues

Although men have as many struggles as any other group, it isn’t normalized for them to seek support—though our male clients are always grateful when they do. Thankfully, our therapists are expert in working with men, with our friendly, nuts-and-bolts, results-driven approach. We collaborate with our male clients and offer the skills and empathy men need to overcome all manner of challenges, including feeling pushed out after baby, juggling business and family responsibilities, unlocking greater professional potential, striving to become a better husband and father, and dealing with general stress. Whatever the issue, we’re here to offer you the insight and support you never knew you needed but won’t want to be without.


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is a term thrown around by many and understood by few. At its root, OCD is about anxiety and control. Symptoms include intrusive, unwanted thoughts, like that certain shapes or items are “good” or “bad.” Other symptoms, so-called compulsions, make the client feel compelled to touch certain items, avoid cracks in the street, or perform other ritual behaviors to stave off unrelated but seemingly connected consequences. Our therapists are highly skilled in treating OCD, and have helped countless clients heal from this disorder, acknowledging the underpinnings of their behavior and helping them thrive.


Parenting Skills

Unfortunately, children don’t come with an instruction manual. You’ll receive more guidance on operating your motor vehicle than your child. That’s where we come in. Our therapists are highly trained in all aspects of child rearing, from discipline and empathy to encouragement and achievement. We can teach you the skills you need to be the best parent to your unique child. Instruction manual or not, we’re here to guide, inform, and cheer you on.


Relationship Issues

It’s a tired trope that relationships require work. They do, but it’s important to work “smart.” Enter our therapists, all of whom are trained in research-based relationship interventions like the Gottman Method. Working together with both individuals and couples, we can help you achieve your full potential in relationship—helping clients identify issues, strengths, and challenges, then partnering to overcome them.



Loving and accepting yourself is foundational to wellness. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to offer ourselves the same compassion and appreciation we give freely to others. Working on self-esteem in a therapeutic setting can turn this paradigm around. With the help of our therapists, clients can learn to focus on what makes them special and unique, tuning out the negative messaging that has become endemic to the modern world. We can also help you institute best practices like boundary-setting, prioritizing your own needs, cultivating a friend group that supports you, and trusting your own thoughts and perceptions. Partnered with Curry Psychology Group, we invite you to become comfortable again in your own skin.


Social Skills (For Children)

Society is predicated on a hidden network of rules prescribing how we interact with others. Some children struggle to perceive and abide by these rules, causing problems that come with the label “behavioral.” Thankfully, our therapists are trained in treatment modalities that can help us teach and bolster the acquisition of social skills for children who need help in this area. With consistent intervention, our clients have experienced major growth and gains, decreasing the need for specialized services in the future and setting them up for success.


Sports Performance

Being the best is what you do for a living. As an elite athlete, you know that one of the biggest weapons is your mind. We have worked with the best in all areas to help professional and semi-professional athletes reach peak performance. The goal for our athletes? Not just winning in the field or on the court but fostering the internal resiliency to come back from a loss, turn around momentum, and overcome hardship. With our help, you will truly be unstoppable.


Stress Management

Everyone experiences stress—it’s an unavoidable component of life. Where we differ is in how we respond to this stress. Constructive stress responses allow us to flow and flex with the situation, processing our fears and moving forward to solution and beyond. We get hung up when stress becomes counterproductive, freezing us in our tracks or setting us on fire and preventing us from acting effectively. Learning stress management tools can change all of that. With the help of our therapists, you can develop a skill set that allows you to roll with life’s punches and come out on top.


Trauma & PTSD

Traumatic experiences and PTSD can be paralyzing, terrifying, and hard to escape. Trauma, the severe psychological distress following an event or stimulus, is accompanied by symptoms like extreme anxiety, anger, sadness, and even guilt. PTSD itself involves intrusive memories of the traumatic event, hypervigilance, sleep disturbances, and mood issues. With all the psychic disruption wrought by trauma, it is critical that you receive the support and care you need in order to process and overcome it. Our therapists are highly trained in trauma and trauma-related disorders, and have the requisite experience and therapeutic tools to help you turn trauma around. Using a variety of therapeutic interventions, you can heal. The first step is seeking help.


Women’s Issues

Issues effecting women’s lives are as pervasive as they are misunderstood. Women must balance instincts for nurturing against the need for achievement. The need for connection against the need for independence. The desire to put family first with the need to prioritize work. Whether you’re a single working mother, a woman living alone off a trust fund, or a grandmother looking ahead to the next chapter, chances are you have more balls in the air than a juggler. We are here for all the complex, beautiful, maddening, insanity-producing, exultant aspects that make up the life of a woman. Whatever issues you’re facing, we stand ready to support you.