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The Curry Psychology Group offers Gottman Couples workshops to couples who are interested in learning tools to strengthen their relationships, manage conflict, improve intimacy, and maintain their closeness (and sanity) after baby.

All workshops are led by Dr. Shannon Curry, clinical psychologist and Director of the Curry Psychology Group. Dr. Curry is a Level-3 trained Gottman couples therapist, Gottman Seven Principles Leader and Gottman Bringing Baby Home Program Educator.

Learn more about our workshops for couples below:

7 Principles of Making Relationships Work

This one-day workshop is designed for anybody who is in a committed relationship. Whether your relationship is solid or is in distress, you’ll be given the roadmap to strengthen your relationship for years to come. In this workshop, you will the golden nuggets from psychologists John and Julie Gottman’s 40+ years of research on relationship happiness. The Gottmans’ research findings are full of good news for anyone who wants their relationship to succeed- so many of the difficulties we encounter as couples make sense when we realize we never learned the skills!

By attending this workshop, you will learn skills to repair difficulties, strengthen and protect your relationship moving forward. This includes how to:

  1. Deepen connection and friendship through open-ended questions
  2. Make deposits into the “emotional bank account” to increase positivity toward one another and shore up the relationship for challenges
  3. Show fondness and admiration for one another to increase feelings of respect and caring
  4. Identify and build upon strengths in the relationship
  5. Strengthen the “team”
  6. Help each other de-stress
  7. Keep conflict discussions calm
  8. Use small rituals for connection for big gains
  9. Navigate new roles and household expectations during COVID
  10. Manage continual disagreements over differences related to: parenting, spending, preferred amount of time together vs. apart, tidiness, etc.
  11. De-escalate and repair conflict
  12. Increase intimacy
  13. Make dreams and aspirations come true for you, your partner, and your relationship

Time will be allotted for Q&A, particularly to discuss how couples can apply these principles to the stressors they are currently facing due to COVID-19.

Upcoming 7 Principles Workshops

Bringing Baby Home Workshop

A new baby can be such a wonderful thing. But no one is exempt from the challenges they bring. Sleep deprivation, bickering over housework, lack of sex, financial worries… The transition to parenthood is stressful, and even the happiest of couples are bound to experience strain—69 percent in fact. However, research has shown that much of that strain is due to disappointment, hurt feelings and conflict that are due to unrealistic expectations and lack of knowledge.

The research-based Bringing Baby Home workshop is the antidote. Created by psychologists and relationship experts, Drs. John and Julie Gottman, from over four decades of research, this program helps prepare parents for life with baby. In fact, 85% of parents who take this workshop have reported a significant increase in friendship, communication and intimacy and a reduction in conflict.

In addition to helping parents-to-be strengthen their relationship, this workshop also shows parents how to foster their baby’s development and improve the quality of their family life for babies and children over time.

Learn more about the Gottmans’ parenting research.

Upcoming Bringing Baby Home Workshops

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Therapy Groups

The idea of talking about personal experiences in a group of people you don’t yet know can seem intimidating. However, those who have participated in group therapy will often describe it as a profoundly rewarding experience. Groups provide us with a support network that normalizes shared difficulties and helps us to feel less alone. The acceptance and understanding received from other group members improve mood and self-esteem, and as we witness group members overcome challenges that are similar to our own, we become more certain of our own ability to thrive. With the guidance of our skilled therapists, each group benefits from a combination of positive support and treatment strategies to target the issue at hand.

Grief Group for Teens (Coming Soon)
Social Skills Group (Coming Soon)
Parenting Group (Coming Soon)