Meditation & Breathwork with

Terry Milliken

Terry is a meditation and breathwork guide with 20 years of dedicated study and practice.



As an avid traveler and eternal student of life, Terry developed a passion for understanding the relationship between mind, body, and spirit.

This guided him to a lifetime of training and dedicated practice of meditation, mindful breathing, breathwork, conscious mind-body awareness techniques, and energy work.

Terry believes that therapy coupled with a mind-body (spiritual) practice can help clients reach a deeper understanding of self while integrating new insights and peace into their daily lives. His method focuses on simplicity, taking the confusion out of the process, and opening minds to practices that provide immediate and lasting results.

For more than twenty years, Terry has studied and practiced Vipassana meditation and various forms of breathwork, deepening his understanding of ancient methods of healing through direct experience and training.

He has accumulated thousands of hours of practice in the S.N. Goenka method of Vipassana, or insight meditation, which he began studying in-residence at the Southern California Vipassana Center in 2004. He also completed advanced study and practice in the breathwork techniques of Kaya Leigh, Dan Brulé, and Devon Graham. In 2020, Terry completed 200 hours of course study and intensive in-person training with Kaia Leigh to learn her Sacred Breath method of trauma-focused breathwork. He also works regularly with Devon Graham and was trained by him personally in the Alchemy Breathwork method.

Terry is Dr. Curry’s own meditation and breathwork instructor in Newport Beach, and she has credited his wise and humble guidance to her own healing after a series of painful losses, including that of her long-time therapist and mentor.  

Terry is a unique soul who doesn’t talk about his knowledge or experiences but rather shows up to provide clients with incredibly intuitive and skillful support. Whether you are new to meditation or someone who is seeking to deepen their practice, Terry will meet you on that journey.

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