Dr. Shannon Curry, PsyD, MSCP

Dr. Shannon Curry is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Curry Psychology Group.

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Since 2007, Dr. Curry has provided therapy and assessment services in military, civilian, and state-funded psychiatric hospitals as well as community counseling centers, clinics, and private practice settings in the U.S. and abroad.

She regularly serves as an expert witness and is a certified forensic examiner for the State of Hawaii’s Department of Courts and Corrections.

In her private practice, Dr. Curry helps adults achieve overall life improvement, cope with grief and acute trauma, and improve their relationships. She is known for her passion for evidence-based effective care, her genuine and friendly approach, and for delivering real results and lasting transformation to her clients.

Dr. Curry’s diverse clinical experience comes from her foundational research on culturally responsive trauma therapies.

She is committed to social justice work, and her research on culturally-responsive trauma therapy in international communities has received awards from the American Psychological Association and Psychology Beyond Borders. Dr. Curry currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the UC Irvine Center for Unconventional Security Affairs (CUSA), an interdisciplinary organization of researchers and practitioners who study and develop solutions for modern-day global issues of poverty, violence, warfare, complex disaster, and environmental sustainability.

In her effort to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of therapeutic interventions, Dr. Curry has also developed a unique specialization in animal assisted therapy.

She is a certified therapy dog handler with the national Alliance of Therapy Dogs and has previously served on the Board of Directors for Hawaii State Hospital’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program and the Hawaii Canine Assistance Network (HI-CAN) service dog organization. Her own dog, Gunnar, is a trained and certified therapy dog through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and can be spotted by her side or making the rounds at the Curry Psychology Group office.

Education and LICENSURE

Dr. Curry is licensed to practice psychology in both California (PSY-26449) and Hawaii (PSY-1404).

She began her undergraduate studies as a pre-medical student at Georgetown University and transferred to the University of California Irvine where she graduated with high honors and a degree in Psychology and Social Behavior. She earned her master’s and doctorate degrees (MA & PsyD) in psychology at Pepperdine University and completed her doctoral internship at Tripler Army Medical Hospital, an APA-Accredited site where she received intensive training in the assessment and treatment of PTSD. Dr. Curry went on to complete a two-year post-doctoral residency at Hawaii State Hospital, furthering her specialization in trauma and forensic psychology, and becoming a certified forensic examiner for the State of Hawaii Department of Courts and Corrections.

Dr. Curry is an expert both in trauma and relationships. She has completed all three levels of advanced training in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and is a Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator and Seven Principles of Marriage Workshop Leader

In addition to her education and training in psychology, Dr. Curry is one of a handful of psychologists in the country to have completed a postdoctoral Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychopharmacology (MSCP) for prescriptive authority in certain states and federal jurisdictions.

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