Forensic Psychology (Legal Consultation, Independent Evaluation & Expert Testimony)

Bringing humanity, clarity, and scientific evidence to the courtroom

As Director of the Curry Psychology Group, Dr. Shannon Curry enjoys utilizing her psychological expertise to provide clear, articulate, and well-researched opinions in legal proceedings. She has provided influential expert testimony in both civil and criminal hearings, including her testimony for the defense on a murder trial for Honolulu’s First Circuit Court in 2015. Dr. Curry is a certified forensic evaluator for the State of Hawaii Department of Courts and Corrections, and has more than ten years of experience providing independent forensic psychological evaluations in Hawaii and California pertaining to:

  • Affirmative Defense (related to situational, social, behavioral, or psychological factors)
  • Competency to Stand Trial
  • Conditional Release/Release of Insanity Acquitee (suitability/safety/terms)
  • Dangerousness/Risk for Violence
  • Malingering (faking)
  • Fitness to Stand Trial
  • Insanity Defense
  • Sentencing (mitigation, diminished capacity, volitional arm defense)

Since relocating her primary practice to southern California in 2015, Dr. Curry has been retained as a psychologist expert for the following cases, all of which have been resolved in favor of the retaining party:

  • 2015: Emotional injury of a minor (civil, plaintiff – monetary settlement)
  • 2015: Emotional injury (civil, plaintiff – monetary settlement)
  • 2017: Disability education rights (civil, plaintiff – monetary settlement & enforcement of the right)
  • 2019: Felony possession with intent to distribute (criminal, defense – diversion granted)
  • 2019: Protective order/stalking (civil, plaintiff – protection issued)
  • 2019: Custody evaluation/domestic violence (civil, petitioner – full custody granted to petitioner & visitation revoked from respondent)
  • 2019: Emotional injury (civil, plaintiff – settled)
  • 2020: Domestic battery (criminal, defense – dismissed without charges)
  • 2020: Attempted robbery (criminal, defense — in progress)
  • 2020: Vehicular manslaughter (criminal, defense — in progress)
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